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     I got a great price for upholstery cleaning and fantastic service in general from CarpetCleaningBrockley. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company.
Daniel W19/05/2020
     I needed a deep clean done on my flat. Brockley Cleaners came highly recommended and were relatively inexpensive. Top-notch service.
Jack N.19/09/2019
     I'll no doubt be calling BrockleyCarpetCleaners in the future to carry out further works in my property. I can't fault the domestic cleaning service provided.
Sofia M.11/06/2018
     Got outstanding results! Used Carpet Cleaning Companies Brockley 2 days ago and saved time and effort. The cost of the cleaning service was reasonable too!
S. Holloway10/03/2017
     Brilliant cleaning company! Cleaner Brockley did some top notch upholstery cleaning that saw my furniture light up like brand new. I love how the sofas look now. Huge thanks to the cleaning company, they really showed me how to approach this issue. This is a whole new level of expertise and I will definitely call them again if needed!
     I like the fact that the team from Cleaner Brockley is proactive. I've never had to supervise the work they do. That is the reason I've trusted this company for nearly a year now. Their cleaners maintain and clean my house two days every week. From vacuuming the carpets to cleaning the kitchen, they do it all, diligently. I appreciate the work done, a big thank you to the team who makes it seem so effortless!
Nora L.19/08/2015
     BrockleyCarpetCleaners is without any kind of doubt truly dedicated to providing excellent service - and I didn't believe my sister-in-law when she said that. I only started to believe it myself when I hired them for my spring cleaning last week. I decided that I will call them in every two months from now on and I am 100% positive that my cleaner will leave the house in PERFECT state every single time!
Jae 17/03/2015
     Pretty much anything benefits from a thorough clean every now and again - and BrockleyCarpetCleaners is the perfect company to hire in this situation. I'm the manager of a small restaurant, and at the end of every month I bring in some professional help to bring the place up to speed. This company did a fantastic job the first time, and every time after that! Their cleaners don't miss a single spot, and have all of the tools necessary for the job. I used this company to clean my home, and it never occurred to me that I could put them to use at my restaurant. Ever since I realised this, business has never been better!
Neil T.29/08/2014
     I recently started a new full time job and with 2 small kids running around the house all day, picking up after them is a full time job in itself. The last thing I really want when I come home from a long day in the office is to see a huge mess. Weekends are the only chance I really get to get everything clean and the only time the house is tidy is when the kids are at school. I hired a cleaner from BrockleyCarpetCleaners in hope that she could give me some sort of peace of mind on my drive home. She is fantastic and I no longer dread walking through the door of my own home.
     Getting your business' offices looking ship shape is imperative, so I use BrockleyCarpetCleaners for my office cleaning needs. You will find that they are extremely good at keeping a place looking clean and fresh at all times, as well as being incredible value. There is no doubt that I could not use any other company now, as they are such an excellent addition to my business. Extremely discreet, very reliable and fantastic value, I can't really praise them more! Highly recommended for anyone who needs a great office cleaning job done.

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